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2015-11-01 19:14:05 by Cyprus

15-  homeowner, 2 degrees, in med school.... but still searching. feels like im chasing a straw man of who i told myself i would be.

Wow, how things change.

2013-12-04 01:58:43 by Cyprus

"What happened to you? Life. Life happened"


09- Single, lost, drunk, smoker, unemployed, depressed, alone, borderline suicidal

13- 4 year relationship, graduated, emoloyed at hospital, sober, non-smoker, growing up... I guess

I guess we all change, eh?

13 years is a long time...

2013-01-18 01:28:06 by Cyprus

Can't believe it's been going on 13 years... Jesus. What can I say? Time flies when you're having fun.

Been a long time.

2012-05-09 01:24:17 by Cyprus

No one noticed I'm sure. Just a fart in the wind. Life has a funny way of stealing me from time to time.

=) Hello thar!

2010-06-01 01:46:34 by Cyprus

You guys make me smile :)

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Still alive

2009-09-18 21:10:49 by Cyprus

I'm still alive, just a crazy hard semester in college. So I haven't been on the boards much... Just hangin around the portal. I'll be back soon enough... I missed my 9th birthday.. DAMN

Still alive


2009-04-07 03:59:18 by Cyprus

Hi guys, how ya doin?


Join us in the old NG chat!

2009-04-01 02:53:05 by Cyprus

If you want to come chat with us come to the old irc chat from ng


Hahaha April Fools

2009-04-01 02:23:00 by Cyprus

This is great.

Hahaha April Fools

I don't know why I bother posting half the shit I do on here. I really sometimes wonder why I'm still on NG. I come around every couple years, post a bunch be a normal NGer then disappear again. The people here are cool n shit but you know... I left this culture a while ago, if that makes any sense.
"Then why are you still here?" You know, who knows.
It gives me something to do when I'm not in school and out getting drunk with my friends and... GIRLS (shocker for most of you people on this site lol) I have a great life, a shitload of friends, lots of cool girls, lots of booze and bunch of fucking parties. You know what, I'm gonna start posting my week in review up here... Providing someones taken pictures... Beh, anyways... Here you fucks go...

This pic right here was from last weekend when I took a trip to Ohio University to stay at this girls house, that's me on the left and my buddy Josh on the right who drove down there with me... I'd post more pic's of the party but... damn NG only allows one

ugh... sick of partyin.. not really